• Excellent Service & Treatment
    I visit Dr. Lyons at least once a year and every time I get excellent service. Easy to make an appointment and always less than 5 mins of wait time at his facility. In addition to his excellent treatment, he explains the problem, causes, and advice on exercises to be performed at home that would prevent from reoccurring. I would recommend Dr. Lyons as one of the Best Chiropractors I have seen.

    - Logan S.

  • Always Fixes My Pain Points
    He is great! I have been seeing him since 2013. It is amazing that he could find the problem by touching the spine, bones, and joints, and fix it by adjusting. He always finds my pain point and the problem, sometimes I even didn't realize that pain point.

    His adjusting could make me feel better immediately! My first visit was in 2013. When reading a book, I suddenly couldn't move my neck and my upper body moved in a weird pose and was painful. Dr. Lyons adjusted my spine and I felt much better immediately! Then after several follow-up visits, I felt totally fine.

    This year I had a shoulder issue (tear and frozen shoulder) and things got worse and worse with my first doctor. Then I went to Dr. Lyons. My first thinking was just for a try, as I do trust him, but not sure if he could also treat shoulder issues. He suggested correct examination and performed treatments accordingly. Now my shoulder has almost recovered!

    He is also a very nice person to chat with, like friends. I feel very relaxed and enjoyed my visits. :)

    - Guiling W.

  • Magical Experience & Very Accomidating

    Twisted neck or torticollis, pulled back or shoulder pain.  Look no further... Dr. James Lyons is magical according to my parents.  Just to let you know they are still talking about his experience.

    This happened just a week ago-
    My father whom is almost reaching 65 is here in California to spend time with our kids.  Well, long
    Story short- he played so hard with the kids where he suddenly got immobilized by a sprained neck.  He couldn't move, turned his head left or right. He expressed so much pain.

    Day one - He was in so much pain we didn't know what to do but only to provide some pain killer.
    Day Two - He said the pain killers didn't do much- therefore he couldn't sleep and expressed that swallowing is also painful.
    Day three -  I didn't know what else to do so I booked an appointment with my
    "Go To Chiro- Dr. James Lyons "to have him checked out.  

    On the day of the visit,  Dr. James Lyons was very accommodating which  made it very easy and smooth for my father whom never experienced chiropractic work.  Within no time, after some stretching and adjustment my father felt better.  The next day he was back to his normal routine playing with the kids again.

    This is to share with you all.  Hands down- It was simply amazing to see someone in severe pain and after stretching and adjustment the pain is relieved. Don't even hesitate, if you're in pain, I highly recommend Dr. James Lyons with Healthworks Chiro in Milpitas.

    - Bobby P.

  • I Felt Instant Relief

    I have been visiting Dr. Lyon since he was recommended to me by a friend almost ten months ago. I felt instant relief from the very first visit and my repeat sessions have ensured that I have not had any relapses of my spondylosis, or nerve issues that plagued me before. My husband and I have a standing weekly session where he works on us for our individual needs.

    I am now eight months pregnant and have continued my chiropractic sessions with Dr Lyon and cannot explain the relaxation and relief I experience from muscle pains that I didn't even know I had.

    Dr Lyon is calm, comforting, skilled and knows what he is doing. I intend on having sessions with him till my due date as my pregnancy has been comfortable and largely without pain issues due to his extensive knowledge on what treatment and adjustments a pregnant patient can have, and in my case, often isn't even aware of needing!

    An added bonus is that Dr Lyon puts you at ease, is great at conversation and relaxing you during the sessions :) I have learned a lot from him just through our conversations. The practice is clean, well equipped and has ample parking. Appointments are easy to schedule online and Dr Lyon is extremely responsive to email and calls.

    I cannot recommend him enough!

    - Su Z.

  • Worked Like A Miracle
    Can young kid see chiropractors? The answer is absolutely yes! That is if you come to see Dr. Lyon. My daughter just turned 2 years old, and the other day she was just bending her head down to look at something, she suddenly cried profusely non-stop. My girl is not a whiny or crying type of girl, so it was strange to see that and she kept holding on to one side of her neck saying ouchy and crying.  We were worried since she could not verbalize the pain and  we had to go on a 6 hour flight next day morning. So we took her to the ER, and the dr. confirmed there were no signs of infection or other disease.  The suggested cure for that was to take painkillers and let it heal itself.  She was still crying in pain.  Then we thought it could be the bone issue so we called Dr. Lyon's Clinic and got the last appointment of the day.  Dr. Lyon was very approachable and caring. He listened and suggested that it could be a sprain in the neck. Right away he was adjusting my daughter's head, and a loud clack sound came. Right after that, my daughter was happy all over again! No more pain for her as she was smiling and hands off the neck! Where was that crying and whaling before? Gone. Lol. We were so happy for that worked like a miracle! She never complained about her neck thereafter, and she was doing great in the airplane the next day. So yes I would recommend Dr. Lyon for bone adjustments for all age groups includes baby/toddlers!

    For myself, I had visited him for my mother's thumb, ear pain, and backache. Dr. Lyon would also checked my posture, and sometimes worked in the areas that i didn't know need to be adjusted. I always left the clinic feeling better and refreshed!

    - Su N.

  • Care & Expertise
    Been with a lot of Chiropractors but doesn't last me long but with Dr. James Lyons, I feel the care and his expertise. Just listening to your pain he knows already where those points are and treats them well. I will keep coming here because it does help me overall health-wise. You leave the clinic satisfied and painless. Thanks, Dr. James! I will spread the good work you've done.

    - Sheryl H.

  • Works Magic & Extremely Friendly
    Dr. Lyons works magic. I have consulted several chiropractors and always left not completely satisfied. But Dr. Lyons just gets it. With just a few questions and an examination, he can pinpoint what's hurting, where, and why? He will also suggest what you can do to correct the ailment.

    As with most engineers in the valley, my lower back has troubled me for the past few years. Every visit with Dr. Lyons leaves me energized and refreshed.

    I would strongly recommend Dr. Lyons to everyone that has is suffering from ailments of the spine and also folks who would just like to get a correction once in a while.

    Dr. Lyons is extremely friendly and will keep you busy with interesting conversations that are appreciated during a correction.

    - Jeegar S.

  • Focus On Relieving The Pain
    What I like about Dr. Lyons is his focus on relieving the pain I was feeling, and his willingness to try a number of different methodologies, including chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage, ultrasonic therapy, and his expert suggestions for correcting bad habits that led to the pain in the first place.

    - Derek J.

  • One Sesson Changed Everything
    If you have GERD or general acid reflux (major or minor) I urge you to meet with Dr. Lyons, to be completely honest I think it could blow your mind how his hiatal hernia maneuver could fix so many dang problems with digestion.

    I actually originally went to Dr. Lyons for help with acid reflux, I had good experiences with acupuncture for it but nothing like how he helped it. He can physically pull (might sound a little graphic) the stomach from the you might be like what the heck, that doesn't sound right at all. A hiatal hernia is a lot more common than you might think and usually doesn't get diagnosed, probably one of the most common cause of GERD. So after one session with Dr. Lyons, It changed everything. I could actually think straight and I was able to eat like I was able to years ago. It does take a few sessions for some people but man money can't usually pay for that kind of relief.

    Now with the alignments that he does for my bone structure, (not sure exactly how to phrase it, I think he doesn't like it when I go in there and ask him to "crack my bones"..haha)  he's the pro, I think after one alignment I was getting blood flow to parts of my body that haven't seen blood in a while. With all jokes aside and with all honesty, Dr. Lyons can find your problems real quick. I think after the 4 years I've known him I'm still surprised that I don't have to tell him what hurts, he takes the pain away in the end and that's what counts.

    Update: In 2017 I was in a major car accident, I broke 2 ribs and I broke my pelvis in 2 places and couldn't walk for at least a month. When Dr. Lyons heard from me he was very sympathetic and let me know that when I'm ready that he would like to see me. When I was able to walk without too much of a limp I hobbled into his office and he laid me down, when I left that day I realized that the accident put my bone structure all sideways. The one thing I enjoy most about his style and technique is his confidence in doing exactly what needs to be done the right way, the man has finesse.

    Dr. Lyons is like a family friend now, several of my family members are now happy patients of his, it's been a pleasure to know and work with him for the past 4 years and I hope he never decides to move away because I'll have to be buying plane tickets.

    So yea, if you have acid reflux and digestive problems I'd consider going to see him. This has got to be one of the most overdue review yelp review in history, thanks Dr. Lyons your skills never go unappreciated.

    - Peter G.

  • Listened Attentively & Can Translate My Descriptions
    It was quite a learning experience about how many issues can all come about simply from being in a car accident. And they don't necessarily show up immediately nor all feel the same. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Lyons listened attentively and interpreted what I was saying surprisingly well. It turns out that I'm not as attuned to my body as much as I thought it was.

    It turns out that my everyday activities were impacted more than I thought they would be by the accident. And that performing everyday tasks probably affects the rate of recovery. it seems the jarring to one's body is surprising and it is an ongoing process to get everything back into proper working condition/alignment or whatever the proper term is. So I'm glad that I saw him when I did and that I stuck with the appointments. Otherwise, my downtime would have been more lengthy.

    For those that are not sure about chiropractors, please give Dr. Lyons a call. There is no easy quick fix obviously and everyday activities can make you need to go back in and get things back in place. But as I learned having someone that listens and can translate my description is a good thing.  (Analogy: it's like taking your car to the mechanic and attempting to explain a noise)

    - Scott L.