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Adjusting Your Pain Away

Chiropractic Care To Improve Your Quality Of Life 

At Healthworks Chiropractic, we spend more time with each patient to provide quality and personalized care to address your specific pain and ailments.

Highly Experienced Chiropractors in Milpitas


Our experts at Healthworks Chiropractic help patients find relief from pain through therapeutic and holistic techniques and treatments. We provide a welcoming and comfortable experience and offer professional, honest counsel through tailored services that match your needs. Our chiropractic care promotes healing and addresses the source of your pain rather than just the symptoms. We take the time to understand your day-to-day life in order to assess your health and find the root of the problem, as well as what may be contributing to it. We truly believe no one deserves to live in pain, even as they age, and we promise to do everything we can to ensure our patients are relaxed throughout their entire appointment. Get back to an active life and begin your wellness journey with our compassionate specialists.

Ready to learn more about our treatments or schedule your first appointment?

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Our Office

MONDAY - 9am to 1pm, 3pm to 6pm
TUESDAY - 9am to 1pm, 3pm to 6pm
THURSDAY - 9am to 1pm, 3pm to 6pm
FRIDAY - 9am to 1pm
SUNDAY - Closed

1613 S. Main Street,  Suite 102
Milpitas, CA 95035

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