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Dr. James Lyons, DC



For the past 15 years I have devoted myself to being my patient's “Go-To” doctor in their times of need. Whether they are seeking Chiropractic specifically or are just trying something new, every patient who walks through my door quickly realizes they will get the answers they’ve been looking for and the care they need.

In recent years I have turned my focus towards Chronic Pain & Neuropathy patients, realizing the desperate needs so many people have in today’s 24-7 work environment. Being in Silicon Valley, I treat so many professionals in the Tech and Corporate world who are feeling the effects of endless hours in front of their computer. Humans weren’t designed to be spending 40-60 hours a week “plugged in”, and the effects of our new lifestyle is playing out in each of our lives.

Please consider joining me at my office, Healthworks Chiropractic, for a no-nonsense, comprehensive solution to managing the chronic aches and pains, numbness and tingling, and endless stress in our lives. Winning this battle requires a persistent and practical management plan and I will be there to teach and mentor you each step along the way.

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